It is not just a career. It is a calling.

The time of big data has come. The ability to navigate and analyze big data has become a key basis of competition. Here at LegalMiner, we are a group of professionals who thrive on problem solving and creative thinking. Through data analytics, we provide solutions that prevent and mitigate risk while driving growth and innovation. If you are a talented individual interested in working in a cutting-edge field, creating high impact in this new wave of big data, and sharing our passion for excellence, please tell us yourself to get started.


Job Description:

1. Collect and organize legal raw data;

2. Research and develop information field extraction rules;

3. Cooperate with software engineers to develop legal data analytics procedures;

4. Improve and update existing products and services;

5. Engage in new product and service design and production;

6. Participate in the marketing and promotion of our products and services.

Our Preferred Candidate:

1. Major in law from reputable universities;

2. Proficient in both Chinese and English, capable of bilingual communication and writing;

3. Proficient in Microsoft Office suite, including but not limited to, Word, Excel and Power Point;

4. Interdisciplinary background in law and computer science or law and management preferred;

5. Interested in the legal internet industry;

6. Entrepreneurial, highly motivated, and passionate about creating something from nothing.

Ready to join us?


2nd Floor, East Tower, World Financial Center, 1 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100020, P. R. China
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