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Partnerships and Affiliations

As the pioneer in Chinese legal research, analytics, and data visualizations, Legal Miner serves a wide variety of clients and cooperates with leaders in various industries. Past and current clients and partners:


  • AI & Automation
    Legal Miner is focused on the research and development of data extraction, labeling, and categorization. Using semantic analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, Legal Miner pursues deep mining and processing of fragmented Chinese legal and commercial data, and provides automatic identification, categorization, and professional analysis.
  • Business & Law
    Legal Miner has a team of experts from various professional backgrounds such as business, law, taxation, finance, statistics and IT, whom combine industry knowledge with data analysis, break the barrier between law and business as well as industry and technology, transform human knowledge to machine intelligence and facilitate business decision-making.
  • Innovation & Professionalism
    Legal Miner creats a new professional service model by integrating state-of-the-art technology with professional insights to drive the update of tools, services, and applications. Legal Miner offers an innovative alternative professional service to solve business problems in an efficient and straightforward manner and is an indispensable friend for you to thrive in today’s business environment.


Data Analysis Report for Chinese A-Share Listed Companies Cross-border M&A Transactions for the First Half of 2018
Jan 16, 2019
By LegalMiner