Legal Miner's database synchronizes decisions and documents with China Judgments Online and databases of different jurisdictions in China. Earlier cases may not have been collected by China Judgments Online, and therefore may not be available.
Legal Miner monitors and acquires relevant data as frequently as possible. Moderate sized data is typically processed within 1-2 hours and updated online. If the incoming data is massive, it could take about one week to process the data. This is because acquired data must be coded, compiled, and prepared before being indexed and saved into Legal Miner's databases.
The legal analytics reports are reports that focus on specific needs of corporations, law firms, academia, and public interests. The professional analytics team of Legal Miner produces customized reports based on your interests or needs. For example, reports may be customized based upon: litigation history of specific industries, frequently litigated issues in specific practice area, and more.
Legal analytics report services may be requested through email: support@legalminer.com
Registering with Legal Miner is simple and only requires an email address, you can register on the top-right corner of Legal Miner Chinese website.
Currently, the basic search and database service in Chinese is free of charge. Advanced search and database functions will be provided for paying subscribers in the near future.
Every user can use the basic functions of Legal Miner's search and database service (in Chinese). However, members are provided exclusive access to reports regarding decisions and attorneys, as well as the ability to download reports, bookmark favorite articles, and purchase customized legal analytics reports.
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