Legal Miner is a pioneer legal technology company in providing business management solution platform via Saas and consulting service. Our products and services improve business performance by strengthening risk management, regulatory compliance, corporate governance and IP management for organizations across industries, including internet, real estate, banking and financial services, health care, consumer goods, insurance, technology, and manufacturing.
  • AI & Automation
    Legal Miner is focused on the research and development of data extraction, labeling, and categorization. Using semantic analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, Legal Miner pursues deep mining and processing of fragmented Chinese legal and commercial data, and provides automatic identification, categorization, and professional analysis.
  • Business & Law
    Legal Miner has a team of experts from various professional backgrounds such as business, law, taxation, finance, statistics and IT, whom combine industry knowledge with data analysis, break the barrier between law and business as well as industry and technology, transform human knowledge to machine intelligence and facilitate business decision-making.
  • Innovation & Professionalism
    Legal Miner creats a new professional service model by integrating state-of-the-art technology with professional insights to drive the update of tools, services, and applications. Legal Miner offers an innovative alternative professional service to solve business problems in an efficient and straightforward manner and is an indispensable friend for you to thrive in today’s business environment.
LAB Intelligence is the proprietary technology developed by Legal Miner in data exploration, segmentation, statistical modeling and scenario analytics. By adopting natural language processing, machine learning, semantic analysis, and other artificial intelligence technologies, LAB Intelligence can cleanse, interpret, process, structure and analyze legal and business data, including judicial documents, company information, government and industry data, and produce data analytics.
We identify, capture and store data from many important areas, use our technical capability to analyze and visualize these data, and complement analytics with our human talent and professional expertise to deliver you relevant and actionable insights. The integration of all pertinent data with other information in your organization can have ripple effect across the entire company.
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Prevent Potential Loss
  • Enhance Management
  • Improve Profitability
  • Support Growth
  • Guide Business Decision
Business Risk Management Solution is a SaaS product designed to provide solutions for business management through five primary components: BRMS Index, Compliance Test, Business Information, Litigation Analytics and News Analytics. They cover the core business functions, identify and reveal potential risks that may arise from business operations, and provide multifaceted intelligent solutions that combine artificial and human intelligence.
Specifically designed for lawyers and law firms, our Law Firm Client Risk Management Solution provides legal risk profile with respect to your current and prospective clients. With the assistance of enterprise analytics and case search our Solution provides, you can be much better informed and prepared for business development, client representation and relationship management.
We understand the exponential growth in the amount of data in today's world. We can provide customized consulting report based on analytics of large data sets that are most relevant to your business. We are committed to providing fact-based analysis that can contribute to decision making on important legal and management issues.
We conduct cleaning, classification, and structured processing on all kinds of data, and provide data information for users through tables, charts and API interfaces to meet the empirical research and application requirements.
We understand that each company may have different needs and we are here to help. By identifying your unique needs, we make alteration to our standard solutions in an effort to create the greatest customer-unique value for you.
Our latest thinking on legal and business issues that matter most in today's world.
Big Data Analytics of Judicial Precedents for Copyright Disputes in Audiovisual Programs
March 7, 2019By LegalMiner
As the pioneer in Chinese legal research, analytics, and data visualizations, Legal Miner serves a wide variety of clients and cooperates with leaders in various industries.
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