1. General

1.1"Legal Miner" or "We" are defined to include the Legal Miner Website (www.legalminer.com) operated by Legal Miner, any services, products, and applications provided on mobile and any another platform. "You" or "user," is the person who visits, browses, or uses any services, products, and applications provided by Legal Miner.

1.2 Legal Miner respects your privacy. The Privacy Policy applies to all user information collected or received by us (hereinafter "User Information"), and explains how we collect, use, share, and protect User Information. By reading the Privacy Policy, you will be able to understand: what types of User Information that we may collect, how we collect the User Information, how we use the User Information, how we share the User Information, how we protect the User Information, and your options on the User Information we collect.

1.3 Please read the Privacy Policy before using Legal Miner services (particularly the texts in bold type). By continuing your visit and using Legal Miner, you understand and accept the rules and policies stated in this Privacy Policy, thus you are bound by this Privacy Policy. If you do not accept this Privacy Policy, please cease your visit and cease the use of our services immediately.

2. User Information We May Collect

Depending upon the different purposes of your use, Legal Miner may collect or receive User Information including:

a. Personal identifiable information from your registration (such as name, gender, age, date of birth, address, identity card number, passport number, attorney license number, telephone number, E-mail address, username, and password);

b. Information concerning your use of Legal Miner (including, but not limited to the information automatically collected by the system about your visit to the Legal Miner Website, your feedback to the information presented by Legal Miner, your download history and application usage history, your use of third party platform, search history on Legal Miner, and information on how you use the search result etc.);

c. Other Information (such as your messages on the interactive platform, information gathered through other services or activities offered by Legal Miner, your feedback, complaints, and contact about the use and user's right on Legal Miner Website).

3. How User Information May Be Collected

3.1 We may collect User Information when you browse the Legal Miner Website, register as a member, use the services provided by Legal Miner online or offline, contact Legal Miner for assistance related to Legal Miner services, or interact with Legal Miner in any other way.

3.2 Some User Information may be supplied by you during the activities mentioned in 3.1. In addition, the User Information could be automatically collected by the system during browsing the Legal Miner Website, or interacting with Legal Miner (for example the link that guides user to Legal Miner Website, user's IP address, user's browser and operating system information, login dates and counts information). In addition, we collect User Information through the use of "cookies" and similar technologies, including which pages user browsed, which links user clicked, what interactions user conducted during the visit of the Legal Miner Website (please refer to Article 8 under this Privacy Policy to find out more information on cookies and similar technologies), or information obtained from our business partners.

3.3 We may lawfully obtain your information if it is publicly available. Such information may be used in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

3.4 We encourage parents or guardians to guide children under the age of 18 for our services, products, and applications. We recommend children under the age of 18 and their parents or guardians to read this Privacy Policy, and seek permission and guidance before they submit any personal information.

4. How We Use the Information

4.1The User Information we collect and receive from you may be used for various purposes, including, but not limited to:

a. Creating reports by compiling and analyzing the information;

b. Performing services on your inquiries, subscriptions, and customized services;

c. Managing membership accounts, rights, and duties (such as authenticating identity, organizing member activities, and membership benefits);

d. Operating and improving Legal Miner services (such as designing and promoting customized services and products, serving targeted advertisements to clients, improving user experiences, and resolving technical issues in a timely manner).

4.2 We may extract data from the User Information in a non-identifiable way, and analyze the data by Legal Miner or third party partners in order to promote and improve our products and services. For example, research on consumer supply and demand, research on user demographics, interests, and preferences, and data and materials for marketing analysis. For the purposes of research and analyze the data, we reserve the right to provide your User Information in a non-identifiable way to third parties, and to our partners.

4.3 We only keep the User Information for a limited time, for the purpose stated in this Privacy Policy, and to comply with laws and regulations.

5. How We Share the User Information

5.1 Unless we obtain your prior consent or in compliance with this Privacy Policy, we do not provide, sell, lend, lease, or share User Information to any third party. We forbid any third party to search, collect, edit, or disseminate by any method, on the User Information we collect or receive.

5.2 We may hire third parties (hereinafter "Suppliers") to provide particular products or services, such as delivering information, analyzing User Information, administrating website, administrating E- mail accounts, and analyzing website statistics. For the purposes of providing such products or services, the Suppliers may obtain User Information we collect or receive, if it is necessary and within the scope of providing such products or services. We strictly require all Suppliers to keep User Information confidential, and forbid the User Information to be used for any purpose other than for the purpose of providing products or services to Legal Miner.

5.3 The User Information is a property of Legal Miner. If Legal Miner decide to sell, license, outsource, or transfer all or part of the business to a third party (hereinafter "Transferee"), Legal Miner has the right to transfer relevant User Information to such Transferee, therefore users can receive continued services. If mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, or bankruptcy occur to Legal Miner, the third party who acquires Legal Miner's rights and duties is also considered to be a Transferee.

5.4 To comply with law, administrative decisions, judicial decisions, orders, or demands, Legal Miner will keep or share the User Information. When sharing User Information is necessary to comply with relevant laws, we will share such information. In addition, if sharing the User Information serves the purpose of protecting the lawful rights of Legal Miner, user, or other party is necessary and proper, we will share such information.

6. User Information Security

6.1 Legal Miner employs all reasonable technical and other necessary procedures to safeguard the security of User Information, and to prevent leak, loss, and damage of User Information. If User Information is or is likely to be leaked, lost, and damaged, we will timely adopt reasonable measures to contain the incident. In addition, we use reasonable efforts to protect the security of information that is shared with Suppliers, Transferee, and other third party client.

6.2 There are potential risks of data mining, transmitting User Information, or online storage of information, therefore we cannot grantee the User Information is absolute secure. If the User Information is hacked, destroyed, or leaked due to force majeure or unforeseeable causes to Legal Miner (such as system failure or hacker activities), we shall not be liable for any damages resulted from the abovementioned causes.

6.3 Please store your account and password securely. If you think that your password is lost, please reset your password immediately. If the password is likely to be lost or stolen, you should contact Legal Miner immediately, to prevent any further damages. Any damages caused by your lost of the account or password, we shall not be liable for the damages.

7.Opt-Out Rights to User Information We Collect

7.1 A registered member of Legal Miner can review and configure the setting on the User Information we collect.

7.2 After we verify your identity, you have the right to update and correct the User Information on file with Legal Miner.

7.3 Legal Miner may send messages to the E-mail address you provided to us, and you hereby agree to receive such messages. If you do not wish to receive such messages, please contact us at support@legalminer.com, follow the instructions stated in the E-mail to unsubscribe, or configure your member account settings. However, even if you choose to unsubscribe E-mail messages from us, you may still receive notice, announcements, or any other messages that are not for the purpose of advertising.

8.Cookies and Similar Technologies

8.1 A cookie is an identifier that is stored on user's computer while user visit websites. It is used as an anonymous tag that identifies the user's computer, but not the user. A cookie provides many different functions. For example, recording user's account, password, and registered member status. Therefore, it can facilitate user's browsing experience.

8.2 Legal Miner may collect User Information through the use of cookies. A user has the full discretion to configure its browser settings to ban or limit the use of cookies. However, the configurations may cause a user to be unable to login or use some services or functions.

8.3 We may use technologies similar to cookies, such as: beacons, flash cookies, and HTML5 local storage. The similarity between these technologies and cookies is all of these are stored in users' devices; therefore, they can record User Information relevant to their activities and preferences. A user has the full discretion to configure the browser settings to ban or limit the use of these technologies. Likewise, the configurations may cause a user unable to login or use some of the Legal Miner services or functions.

9.Links to Third Party Websites

The Legal Miner Website may contain links to third party websites. Since Legal Miner does not have any control or influence on how the website process information, Legal Miner cannot be held responsible for the privacy practices or the content of those other websites. Before browsing the content of third party websites, please read their own privacy policy. This Privacy Policy is not applicable to third party websites.

10.Updates to Privacy Policy

Legal Miner reserves the right to update its privacy policy statement at any time. A notice of such update will be posted on the Legal Miner Website. If the update affects your rights, we will notify you to read the updated Privacy Policy. Your continued use of Legal Miner shall be considered as your acceptance of the updated Privacy Policy.

11.Choice of Law and Dispute Resolution

11.1 The validity, interpretation, and application of this Privacy Policy shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. If the collection, storage, use, and disclosure of the User Information by Legal Miner violated your rights, or you find out about any illegal use of account, password, or bug, please contact us at support@legalminer.com.

11.2 Any disputes relating to or arising out of this Privacy Policy shall be resolved and negotiated in a peaceful manner; if the dispute could not be resolved and negotiated in a peaceful manner, any party may submit the dispute to arbitration, which shall be resolved by the Beijing Arbitration Commission in accordance with its then-current arbitration rules. The place of arbitration shall be in Beijing. The arbitral award is final, and shall be binding upon the parties.

12.Contact Us

Please contact us if you have any comments and suggestions about our Privacy Policy, you can reach us at support@legalminer.com.

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