1.Scope of Application

This Terms of Use is applicable to the Legal Miner Website (www.legalminer.com), its relevant mobile applications (APP), and other information platforms (collectively, "Legal Miner Platform") operated by Kungfu Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. or its designated affiliates/business partners (hereinafter "Platform Operator" or "We"). It is also applicable to all the services, products and contents provided by Platform Operator delivered through Legal Miner Platform ("Legal Miner Services"). In this Terms of Use, "you" or a "user," refers to the person who visits and browses Legal Miner Website, or uses any Legal Miner Services.

2.Structure of the Terms

2.1This Terms of Use specifies the Terms and Conditions for access to and use of the Legal Miner Website and describes the terms and conditions applicable to the Platform Operator and users. This Terms of Use includes the main body of the terms of use as specified in this page, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Account Use Rules and other cited policy, guidance, and all subsequent revisions (collectively, "Terms of Use").

2.2Before using the Legal Miner Platform or Legal Miner Services, you agree to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use. Please review these terms and conditions carefully.

2.3Users shall read the latest update of the Terms of Use. If there are discrepancies between the former version and updated version of the Terms of Use, the most recent Terms of Use prevails.

3.Revisions Taking Effect

3.1The updates of the Terms of Use shall come into effect immediately after the updates are published on the Legal Miner Platform. A notice of such updates will be issued according to the methods stated in this Terms of Use.

3.2Your continued use of this website after any changes have been made to the Terms of Use signifies and confirms your acceptance of any such changes or amendments to the Terms of Use.

4.Cease of Use

If you do not accept the Terms of Use and the relevant changes, please cease your visit and cease the use of our services immediately.

5.Scope of Services

5.1Legal Miner services include, but are not limited to, search engine functions, analytical reports, and insight articles.

5.2Legal Miner may expand, eliminate, or adjust the type, method, and scope of services; we shall not be responsible for any loss which may arise from such adjustments.

5.3Legal Miner may modify, suspend, or terminate user's access to all or part of the Legal Miner Services at any time.

6.User Registration

6.1For users to register for membership, truthful information must be provided, and the information shall be kept updated by the users. If the user provides false, inaccurate, or incomplete information, the Platform Operator can terminate user's access to the account.

6.2You agree that you are responsible for maintaining your password securely.

6.3Under no circumstances will Platform Operator be liable or responsible for any illegal use, misappropriation, misrepresent, or loss of account or password due to hacking, virus, or negligence of the user.

6.4Automatic account creation is not allowed, neither can the user use the account via automatic software, Platform Operator has the right to terminate the account if violation occurs.

6.5Legal Miner reserves the right to shut down accounts that are inactive over 6 months.

7.Consent of User

7.1You hereby agree that Platform Operator can send you messages through website, E-mail, text messaging, push notification, or APP developer notification.

7.2You hereby agree that the content uploaded or published by user on Legal Miner Platform (hereinafter "Published Content") can be accessed or browsed by other users or members.

7.3You hereby agree that the Platform Operator may publish, duplicate, edit, transmit, and display the published content to other users or members.

8.Restriction of Content

8.1The use of Legal Miner Website and services must be in compliance with laws and regulations of People's Republic of China, and laws and regulations of any relevant countries or regions. Users are forbidden to use any methods to publish, upload, or disseminate the following content (hereinafter the "Improper Content"):

a. Violating the Constitution law of the People's Republic of China;

b. Concerning national security, or harming the sovereignty, and territorial integrity;

c. Harming the reputation and state interests;

d. Inciting racial hatred, discrimination, and national unification;

e. Harming the national religious policy, preaching cult, feudalism and superstition;

f. Disseminating rumors and disturbing the peace;

g. Disseminating information, statistics, messages, publication, music, sound, pictures, graphics, code or other media on obscenity, eroticism, gambling, violence, homicide, horror, solicitation of criminal activity, fraudulent, or causing disgust;

h. Inciting racial hatred, discrimination, and national unification;

i. Violating the Constitution, laws, rules, and regulation of the People's Republic of China;

j. Likely to infringe patent, trademark, copyright, other intellectual property rights, and exclusive rights of another;

k. Any fraudulent activities or identity theft activities;

l. Without being requested, publishing, uploading or disseminating promotional, political, or advertising messages;

m. Without being authorized, publishing, uploading or disseminating third party personal information, including, but not limited to, address, phone number, E-mail address, identification card number, and credit card number;

n. Virus, unreliable statistics, or any other malicious, destructive or harmful documents;

o. Irrelevant comments in particular interactive forums;

p. At the discretion of the Platform Operator, the contents that disgust, limit, or hinder other users'use of Legal Miner Services, or contents that could damage or harm the interests of Legal Miner Platform, Platform Operator, or Users.

8.2Platform Operator reserves the right to censor, edit, and remove any Improper Content mentioned above.

8.3Users are forbidden to conduct actions that harm or are likely to harm the cybersecurity described in the following:

a. Delete, edit, or add any function of Legal Miner;

b. Access Legal Miner Platform to delete, edit, or add any data or application;

c. Intentionally create or transmit computer virus;

d. Hack, tamper, reverse engineer, or similar action to damage the Legal Miner Platform or its infrastructure;

e. Any other action that harms the cybersecurity.

9.User's Duties

9.1User represents and warrants that all the information provided by user is lawful, truthful, accurate, non-misleading, and the content provided by user are lawfully owned or licensed from the right holder (hereinafter "Right Owners"). User guarantees the contents are free from violating any rights of any individual or entity, or likely to cause harm to any individual or entity.

9.2User agrees to comply with the laws of People's Republic of China and all applicable laws regarding your use of Legal Miner platforms and services. User should not use Legal Miner engage in any illegal activities.

10.Limitation of Use

10.1User agrees that the use of Legal Miner Platform and Legal Miner Services are limited to personal use, or for internal corporate use. Without prior written agreement from the Platform Operator, user shall not exploit the information or contents from Legal Miner for any commercial purpose.

10.2User agrees that without prior written agreement from Right Owners, users shall not duplicate, distribute, publish, or share the Published Contents in any manner, or exploit for commercial purposes.

10.3The use of Legal Miner Website or Legal Miner Services is at the discretion of Legal Miner, and Legal Miner may limit or terminate user's use of the platform or services if the above violation occurs. Additionally, the Platform Operator and Right Owners may still bring actions against the infringing user.

11.Intellectual Property

11.1The look and feel of the Legal Miner Platform and contents published on the platform are the property of Platform Operator, and are protected under applicable copyright and other proprietary rights. Any edit, duplication, redistribution, display, preparation of derivative work, or publication of the platform or contents by user in any manner is prohibited, except with a written prior agreement between the user and Platform Operator. "理脉," "Legal Miner," and are the trademarks of Legal Miner.

11.2User enjoys the right of attribution on her or his own publications. User agrees to transfer all related copyright (including, but not limited to, use, copy, edit, adapt, translate, broadcast, publish, prepare derivative work, and publicly display in any jurisdiction) to the Platform Operator without charge. User agrees to authorize Platform Operator to initiate legal action against any party's infringing activities (including, but not limited to, litigation, file charges, or demand letter.)

11.3User agrees that unless a prior written consent is granted by the Platform Operator, neither you, nor any party, person or computational agent, can use automatic equipment/program or manual equipment/program (such as robot, spider and crawler) to record, extract, crawl, data mine, store, duplicate or transmit content included in Legal Miner Platform and Legal Miner Services. Platform Operator may limit or terminate your use of the Legal Miner Platform and Legal Miner Services upon violation of this article, and may initiate legal action against the violation.

11.4User agrees that publication released by user at Legal Miner Platform, including, but not limited to articles, pictures, will not be deemed confidential. Platform Operator has no obligation to regard these publications as confidential information, and may take proper ways, including, but not limited to delete, edit, modify, reject to publish, to use it.

11.5If you believe your work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, or your intellectual property rights have otherwise been violated, or the right administration electronic information contained in your work has been deleted or changed by Platform Operator, please provide a notice (by email at: support@legalminer.com) containing all of the following information to Legal Miner:

a. Name, address, telephone number, and email address of the Right Owner;

b. The title of the material that is claimed to be infringing and where it is located on the Legal Miner Platform; and

c. The preliminary evidence proving the infringement.

You agree to be responsible to the truthfulness of your notice.

11.6 If any right owner finds that any content published by users on the Legal Miner Platform constitutes copyright infringement, and the right owner notifies Platform Operator in writing in accordance with relevant laws, administrative regulation, or rules stated in this Agreement, Platform Operator reserves the right to remove or block the relevant content, or disconnect the links, and keep record of the relevant data. Users should not claim any compensation for this.


12.1User understands that Internet is an open platform, therefore the uploaded publication on Legal Miner Platform may be duplicated, reprinted, modified or other illegal usage by any organizations and individuals, and Platform Operator bears no liability for this.

12.2Legal Miner Services are based on various types of basic data (hereinafter "Basic Data"), such as judicial decisions and governmental data, which is public information or collected by Legal Miner through third party, the rights belong to the relevant parties, and may contain errors or incompleteness. User agrees that the services and analysis based on the data provided by Platform Operator are only for users' reference, and Platform Operator does not guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy, or completeness of the data. User must be fully aware of and accept this risk.

12.3User agrees that the use of the Legal Miner Platform is at your sole risk, under no circumstances will Platform Operator be liable or responsible for any damages.

12.4Platform Operator bear no obligation for user's publication of inappropriate content or tort, and reserve the right of indemnity for loss caused by user's misconduct.

12.5Platform Operator disclaims all warranties of any kind, including, but not limited to, completely satisfy the requirement of user, no disruption in service, in-time, security and veracity of the service.

12.6Under no circumstances will Platform Operator be liable or responsible for any damages caused by force majeure, internet service disconnection, or other defects caused by third parties.

12.7Legal Miner Platform may contain links to third party websites or resources (hereinafter "Third Party Websites"). Platform Operator does not have any control or influence on how the third party websites process information, thus Platform Operator shall not be held responsible for any liability caused by the third party websites.

12.8Under no circumstances shall Legal Miner be liable for the amount of damages exceeding the amount paid by users to Legal Miner Platforms or Legal Miner Services (if any), including, but not limited to, damages arising from contract, warranty, ort(including active infringement, passive infringement, presumed infringement), product liability, strict liability, or any other theory.


13.1User assumes full responsibility when engaged in illegal activities or infringement by Legal Miner Platform, and is fully liable for any damages or losses to Platform Operator or any third party.

13.2In case the user has limited capacity or is incapable, the guardian of the user shall be responsible for relevant liability.

14.Suspension and Termination of Services

Legal Miner may suspend or terminate user's access to the Legal Miner Services and bears no obligation if Legal Miner reasonably determines that:

a. Name, address, telephone number, and email address of the Right Owner;

b. User violates the Terms of Use;

c. User's use of the Legal Miner Services violates laws or regulations of the People's Republic of China or any applicable laws and regulations, or violates legal interests of any third party;

d. The Legal Miner Platform is attacked or suffers outage due to technical issues;

e. The Legal Miner Platform is performing system maintenance, upgrade, or service adjustment.

15.Applicable Law

This Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China, and be interpreted and implemented in accordance with the laws of the People's Republic of China.

16.Dispute Resolution

16.1If you believe that the services or publication of Legal Miner violates the rights of you or any other person, or you find out about any illegal use of account, password, or bug, please contact us at support@legalminer.com.

16.2Any disputes relating to or arising out of this Terms of Use shall be resolved and negotiated in a peaceful manner; if the dispute could not be resolved and negotiated in a peaceful manner, they shall be resolved by the Beijing Arbitration Commission in accordance with its then-current arbitration rules. The place of arbitration shall be in Beijing. The arbitral award is final, and shall be binding upon the parties.

17.Contact Information

Please feel free to contact us with any requests, concerns, and comments regarding this Terms of Use by help center. You can also reach us by email at support@legalminer.com.

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